Find The Right Foundation For Your Skin

make-up-foundation As the name itself  indicates,  foundation is what lends the basic structure to any makeup.

Whatever type of makeup you are going to apply, just remember to apply foundation before you proceed with the other cosmetics.

If you’re not keen on spreading it all over your face, at least use some on the cheeks, if you want to get that desired look.

Today you get a lot of choice in terms of the types of foundations available, as against the old times when only the compact style foundation was available.

Based on your skin type and your specific makeup needs, you can choose  the right foundation types that we have discussed here. Just remember, that your choice of the type of foundation will decide, how good the overall outcome of your makeup will be.

Tinted foundation

These are the most easy to use because they are already blended to give a natural tint to your cheeks. They are mildly tinted to go with almost any skin shade. And the best part is that most of these already contain some moisturizer, so besides giving your skin a smoother appearance they also hydrated and nourish your skin. They are best suited for the skin which is smooth and blemish-free.

Liquid Foundation

These can be used on almost any skin type except for dry skin. These are generally preferred because they are long lasting and because they allow easy blending of makeup shades.

Cream Foundation

This type of foundation moisturizes your skin deeply, while at the same time giving it a heavy texture. And thus, this type is more suitable for mature skin, which is usually a bit uneven and a bit on the dry side. The best way to apply cream foundations is using a damp cosmetic sponge.

Compact Foundation

This type has existed for years, and still enjoys immense popularity because it’s fairly quick and easy to apply. It’s definitely a good choice for everyday use. More so, because it does not require any extra makeup tools, as a handy cosmetic sponge is usually provided within the pack.

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Sidharth Thakur