Find the Perfect Pair of Shoes

I am yet to meet a woman who is not passionate about shoes. Footwears are the number one priority in most women’s lives and it is without a doubt that a woman will spend hours trying to find the right pair of shoes that she can slip into.

Shoes are now an accessory, a means to a fashion statement and are far from being a necessity. Women segregate their shoes for every occasion. You may have a huge collection of shoes however there are a few essential timeless classics that you must have in your closet.

A pair of black pumps with low heels is a must have. This is a perfect pair for a business meeting or a casual brunch. This is a pair that can be worn with any outfit.

You need to have a pair of semi casual flats in your shoe collection. This is a pair that can be teamed with a pair of jeans or slacks for an evening out look. It needs to be more than a pair of casual shoes. They need to be extremely comfortable without compromising on your style and fashion quotient.

High heeled black shoes that can be worn on any occasion are a great asset to your shoe collection. Choose the fabric that your feet are comfortable in. you can wear this pair for formal occasions.

Metallic high heels in colors like silver, gold, pinks, blue and grey are extremely important to your wardrobe. This is because they compliment your little black dress and can be teamed with denims too. These shoes are an asset to your outfit.

Choose to have a pair of comfortable yet dressy shoes in your closet. This does not necessarily mean sneakers. Loafers, mules or even ballet flats are comfortable. These are shoes that you can walk in the entire day when you are shopping at the local grocery store or when you are having coffee with your friends.

A pair of boots in your closet will help you to transform any outfit. Choose the height of the heels to suit your personal preference. You can wear boots with dresses, skirts, trousers or jeans. Boots are a vital part of your wardrobe.