Find Out what’s Your Face Shape

is When you go hunting for help on how to style up your hair, what type of hat to wear or how to beautify your face with makeup, you’ll find that most of the style guides give you information based on your face shape.

And unless you know what your exact face shape is, you will find it difficult to take on and use any of these style guides, to your complete benefit.  And while some of these guides, do mention a bit about how to find out what your face shape is, it is not all too detailed.

It’s really important to match up your hairstyle, hair accessories and your makeup with your face shape, or else you’ll never be able to make a strong mark with your looks. So here’s a little guide which will help you to find out what is your face shape.

Measure it up

The best way to find out your face shape is to measure it up with a scale. You need to measure your face at four places, the overall length that is from your hair line to your chin, width of the cheekbones that is from one sideburn to the other, width of the forehead just an inch above the eyebrows, and the width of the jaw line where it is the widest. With those measurements in hand, here’s how to find out what your face shape is.

Oval: the ratio between the length of the face and the cheekbone width will be roughly around 3:2. Cheekbone width will be the widest, followed by the forehead width and finally the jaw line width.

Round or Square: all the widths, which you just measured, and the overall length of your face will be roughly the same.

Oblong: the length of the face will be longer than the width, but all the widths will be nearly the same.

Heart: this face shape is marked by wider cheekbones and forehead, as against a narrow jaw line.

Diamond: the cheekbone width will be the maximum, while the forehead and the jaw line may measure just about equal.

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Sidharth Thakur