Filing For A Divorce

broken-relation Filing for a divorce is one hell of a confusing task, unless you’ve already been through a divorce earlier. Most people do not have even the slightest idea as to where they must begin, so they usually rush to an attorney.

However, we would recommend that you better get your papers together before you even approach the attorney’s office. Here is a list of the paperwork that you need to put together, so as to safeguard your personal and financial interests during the divorce procedure.

1. Make a list of all the joint possessions that you have, and put together all papers of such properties and possessions. Your house deed and the mortgage contract are usually the most important things to look at.

2. Next you need to find out what are the joint debts that you have taken, and put all the papers related to these debts into place.

3. Details of your spouse’s income, if you want to claim child support or alimony.

All this information will be noted in the divorce decree, so ensure that you have put in all the relevant details along with the supporting papers. This is very important because after the divorce settlement, you will have no legal standing over the things that were not mentioned in the divorce decree.

When you’re done with listing your possessions and debts, the next thing for you to work on, is how you want the things to be split between the two of you. Child custody is one more area where you need to focus, and in case you plan to take the custody of the child, you must ask for child support or alimony in your divorce petition.

Although, any individual can file for divorce petition on his own, it is still better to proceed further with the assistance of an attorney. He will not just help you with the paperwork and the filing procedure, but will also work hard to safeguard your interests.

And before we end this article, let me just warn you that while the divorce proceedings are on, maintain a fair record of all the financial transactions that you carry out during this period. Also, always check with your attorney before you sign any papers.

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Sidharth Thakur