Fight Sunburn

Sunburn or sun tan is one of the most common skin problems faced by people and especially the woman. The harmful UV rays of the sun burn the upper layer of the skin and it the itchiness and burning sensation caused is sometimes unbearable.

Not only this, it also darkens the affected area of the skin. This is why it is advised that we must protect our skin from sun rays so that we do not have to go through the tough time to get rid of sun burn because if it is caused once, it becomes hectic for you.

But we can’t leave the problem too. So, let us see how we can fight sunburn if you have been affected by it. First thing that you must do after coming indoor is wash off your face and other affected areas with cold water or you can apply ice directly too for the cooling effect.

Since, the sun’s rays are burning your skin, drink lots and lots of water so that the body feels cool from inside. To get off from sun tanning, first thing that is essential for the skin is its exfoliation. For that, take a Luke warm shower bath using a mild scrub all over the body.

This would exfoliate your body in a great way and after patting dry your skin, apply paste of refrigerated papaya on your body. Let it dry naturally and wash off with cold water and apply a good oil free moisturizer. Since you have been affected by sun rays, any cosmetic can cause further irritation; so use a medicated moisturizer.

Tanning spa is one of the best things to go for if you want to get beck to normal. Yes, it may cost you a bit, but the results are terrific. Go to the nearest salon in your area and get the spa treatment. Apply a sun tan body pack every alternate night before going to sleep till the problem is not healed completely.

You can also go for a home-based remedy by mixing milk plus gram flour and applying this pack on your face. Gram flour is very effective in taking away tanning caused by sun and milk is a natural skin softener.