Few Sex Tips Women Should Try

In spite of lots of love, sometimes it seems that fire is missing between you two. And you can do anything to bring it back. So why not to try some easy moves to make your sexual life adventurous.

Here we are giving some tips to do so:

Just go and stand in front of him but out of his reach. Start taking off your clothes one by one very slowly. Think of teasing, tempting and tantalizing, him. Then look at him in his eyes and then just ignore him. Be extra playful. After that you will see the result.

Use his tie as a sex toy. Go to him and take off his satin tie. Now time to make better use of it. Just tie it on his eyes or tie his hands at the back. Give him some ideas that what you are going to do with him.

Ears too work well if they are nibbled lightly. It can send shivers to the man’s spine. What you can do is try talking dirty to him and side by side lick the outer edge of the ear. Do what you do with your tongue. If you get the positive reply then nibble it lightly and can do it until you get into the next move.

You can try a new move at the time you do oral sex. Do not lie down on your back rather crawl on your partner and let him enjoy. Hands of both partners will be free to do some more enjoyable activities. Hold each others hand at the time of sexual activity. It will make your love more intimate.

Massage gives relaxation and makes him active again. At the time of foreplay, you can do so and you will achieve amazing results. Do not be goal oriented. Rather always try something new. Try to be little slow. When you feel he is getting tensed, just stop there for few seconds. Kiss your partner and then start it again. Do it for two to three times and the final result will be better than before.