Feng Shui For Your Workplace

feng-shui While the rage for Feng Shui is swelling, and there are lots of people looking for ways in which they can use Feng Shui to enhance the quality of their lives, we thought of finding out ways to increase positive energy in our workplace.

Feng Shui is all about deflecting negative energy and bringing in positive energy, for overall benefit. The positive energy is believed to move around in curved lines, quite similar to a meandering stream in the woods. And in case this smooth course is disturbed by objects and structures, the natural balance disrupts, causing problems in the lives of people working or living in such places.

The positive energy turns negative upon scattering

Since, positive energy flows in smooth curved lines, when its path is hampered by objects with sharp corners, this positive energy deflects and scatters and turns into negative and harmful energy. And that is something that is quite likely to happen in offices, where the furniture is predominantly angular in shape. Also structures like columns, partitions and equipment may disrupt the normal course of positive energy and thus may have a negative effect on the people who work there.

A simple solution to this problem is to re-locate your desk so that the negative energy deflected from the sharp corners of furniture around you doesn’t fall directly on you. Or the other way around, you can think about getting the hard edges of the furniture softened a bit, so that the path of the flowing positive energy is not disrupted with sharp angles.

Stagnant positive energy

Another issue that needs to be addressed, with regards to positive energy, is that it should not get stagnated anywhere in the office premises. It is believed that positive energy has a tendency to become stagnant in the corners of the room, and it is the corners where most of the positive energy gets drained out. So to avoid this thing from happening, remove all the clutter from all the corners and have lights, lamps and potted plants put up in these corners.

Lastly, electrical equipment is believed to turn positive energy into negative energy, so do ensure that your desk is not around such heavy electrical equipment.

Sidharth Thakur