Feng Shui for Positive Vibes

A home is the place where a family is built, dreams dwell and future is planned. It should be a place irrespective of size, filled with love, harmony and peace.

For these to happen many believe that positive vibes have a great role to play in making a home, family life and careers a success.

For positive vibes to get created a lot of beautiful, cute feng shui items can be used to decorate as well as welcome positive vibes into one’s home.

There are certain complex working of the inflow of positive vibes due to feng shui into one’s living as well as work place. But one has to do just few simple things in order to get the benefits of the feng shui positive vibes.

To begin with one must keep a home dust free and clutter free. Choosing curved and rounded furniture rather than with sharp edges prevents what in Feng Shui terms is known as poison arrows. Windows must face beautiful scenes and not blank walls or the bed.

This enhances harmony between the couple and beauty in one’s life. Wind chimes are beautiful feng shui objects that create lovely enticing sounds which attract positive vibes as well as can be used for decoration purposes.

Placing awards and certificates of achievements and also family photographs enhances success, inflow of wealth and harmony. Fresh flowers and potted plants along with pond or an aquarium with gold fish attract positive vibes.

To make the inflow of positive vibes it’s necessary to use feng shui objects along with the proper feng shui principles. Colors like red, yellow and purple bring good luck while green brings peace and harmony.

The family and the wealth areas are controlled by elements of wood; presence of plants and little areas of water representing growth of wood are symbolic of feng shui positive vibes.

More than feng shui objects it’s the feng shui principles followed properly that induces positive vibes. One should become aware of one’s surroundings.

Feng shui principles deal with the five elements of nature and therefore by appropriately making use of the wind and water energy one can create an in flow of positive vibes into one’s home as well as working area.

In order to make free flow of positive vibes possible one should make enough space available by removing obstacles and unwanted objects.