Feng Shui for Good Health

Feng Shui ideas are great if you are on the way to make yourself prosperous and get some good health. The Feng Shui methods are great for the wind and the water components around us.

Feng Shui believes that there should be the flow of chee which is positive energy throughout the house that can bring about good health. The environment in the home can be made into a very positive place to live in with some of the Feng Shui factors working very well.

There are many complicated yet interesting factors working. There are some wonderful health ideas too and these can be incorporated into life and living to make you healthy, wealthy and wise.

First, you should get rid of clutter that stands in the way of the flow of Chi which is supposed to be the energy of life. If your house has clutter at the center, that should be removed. The center is supposed to be the heart of the house and therefore the place should be free of all clutter.

There is a map that can divide the house into different sections. You have to keep all parts of the house healthy. So you should keep the home clutter free and the positive energy should be able to flow into the house.

No heavy objects should be kept in the area. The home should have wonderful pictures of the ones you love and there should be lovely chimes and belles so that positive energy can flow always.

There should be a lot of harmony and balance in the way you place the furniture in the house. The colors should be used well. Orange is a good color for vivacity and it should be used in the rooms of children as well as in the living room.

The bedroom can have cool colors like blue and pink so that there is a sense of restfulness in the rooms. Yellow is also a happy and vivacious color while green in a soothing color. Green can be used for bedrooms and blue is also a wonderful color for healing.

It is also a color for mental relaxation and for that matter, purple is also a relaxing color. You can use natural lighting and also use dim lights in the bedroom and in the living room for a cooler effect.

Softness of materials also help in giving a comforting effect. The use of essential oils and aromas can be used for a soothing effect.

The center of the house should be clutter free and have healthy energies to balance. Plants can give a boost to the chi or positive energy flowing in. There should be earthy and yellow tones to the décor to give the look of health.

The electrical appliances should be removed from the bed. The bed should be placed in such a position so that the feet is not headed towards the door. The position is not congenial to health.

For a beginning you can abide by these rules and then go on adding the other requisites for making the home a great environment to live in.