Feet Care Routine for Soft and Sexy Feet

In order to get the feet to-die-for, it is important to invest some time and nurture them.There is nothing too elaborate about feet care.

In fact, a simple cleaning and moisturizing routine is all that is needed in order to make the feet, worth flaunting. Given below are the easy steps for a feet care routine:

The first step is basic cleaning and scrubbing-off of the dead skin cells of the feet. Take a bowl of warm water, add some drops of shampoo to it and soak your feet in it. The warm water will make the hard skin of the feet softer.

Then take a pumice stone and rub-off the hard skin on the soles of your feet. The soapy water will automatically clean the dirt off the feet. Rub the skin gently and wash off any flaky residue.

Dry your feet properly and then trim the nails of the toes and remove any residual nail paint that might be there. Push back the nail cuticles with an orange stick. You can then shape your clipped nails with an emery board.

Moisturize your feet with a deep-moisturizing foot cream. Massage your feet, the skin in between your toes and the ankles gently, in a circular motion. Wipe off extra cream, if any, with a towel.

Then, polish the toe-nails first with a base coat and then one or two applications of the color coat.

Additional tips to keep your feet soft and sexy:

In case the feet are swollen, soaking them in warm water to which mineral salts or lavender essential oils have been added can provide instant relief. Also, simple feet exercises like stretching, toe-pointing; ankle rotating reduces the stress and makes the feet relaxed.

To get rid of cracks in the heels you should scrub the ankles regularly and apply creams specially formulated to treat such cracks. Leaving them unattended will just make them worse. You can even opt for homemade scrubs made from sea salts, mint leaves, oil, sugar etc. as part of a healthy feet care routine.

An important part of feet care is wearing the right shoe. Most of the corns and calluses in the feet are due to shoes too small or too uncomfortable. Opt for shoes that let your feet breathe.

And in case, you suffer from stinky feet – soak your feet everyday in strong black tea for 30 minutes and avoid keeping them covered all the time.

Follow the above tips and get ready to flaunt those soft and sexy feet to the world!

Sidharth Thakur