Feet Care for Winter

With the advent of winter it becomes necessary to take extra care of the skin and more so for the areas which get exposed to hard surfaces and pressures.

The feet being the part of the body which takes the whole pressure of the body has to be taken good care of.

The feet are the area which gets cracked and hard and more often during the winter. The feet if taken good care looks very beautiful and become an asset as they add to one’s overall beauty. Beauty should be something not only restricted to the face; the overall beauty runs from head to toe.

Feet care is not a hard or tedious job at all and it becomes all the more necessary during winter. With a little regularity and maintenance one’s feet can become one of the most beautiful parts of one’s body to show off.

Just doing simple home pedicure thrice a week can work wonders for which just keeping aside fifteen minutes aside will suffice. One has to just wash the feet in warm bubbling water by adding bath frizzes into it. A peeler should be used to get rid of the dead cells and any unevenness from the feet.

A foot cream massaged properly into the soles and overall feet area just winds up the mini home pedicure session. A good foot cream must be regularly used both in the morning and evening during the winter. After the day’s work one may find the feet somewhat shriveled up lying inside shoes or sandals for the whole day.

Therefore a simple warm bath of the feet cleans the feet and makes them look refreshed especially during winter. Use good socks and stockings during winter; especially in geographic areas where the winters are quite chilling and harsh.

Rubbing the feet on soft pebbles during taking bath help blood circulation and makes the feet feel relaxed and happy. These simple tips along with a visit to the professional for a monthly pedicure session will add to the fitness and beauty of the feet.

After the skin of the feet has been taken care of the nails should be cleaned and properly filed thereafter painted either with a lovely colored nail polish suiting the body skin tone and complexion or just left with a polish of nail enamel to give the natural beautiful look.