Feel the Freshness with the Delicious Range of Mocktails

So what if you do not like alcohol? There is no reason why you should miss out on any fun. Parties can be as enjoyable and you can feel as much mirth as the rest, with the delicious range of non alcoholic beverages.

And what is better? You will not have to nurse over any hangovers. A favorite amongst most are the delicious mocktails, which mix a number of fruit juices in a variety of proportions to achieve a remarkable number of different tastes.

But obviously there are a few which are more popular. For instance, ‘Shirley Temple’ is a beautiful blend of lime, grenadine syrup, ginger ale which is an immediate choice for kids and it packs a punch.

Or you might go for a non-alcoholic version of Pina Colada with ‘Nada Colada’ that essentially uses the same ingredients as the former minus the alcohol of course.

But basically you need find out what your taste bud loves and you will assuredly find your flavored drink. For those, who prefer a slightly tangy taste in their drinks, cranberry based mocktails are the best bet, like ‘Virgin Madras’ or ‘Shakers Dream’.

Those who are looking tropical coolness in their drinks can resort to the delicious ‘Tropical Ale’ or ‘Pineapple Passion’ and bring the fun of the surf and beach home! And good news does not end here. There are the elegant mocktails to add more suavity to the whole experience.

There are the heavenly, ‘Virgin Cosmopolitan’ ‘Virgin Bellini’ and a personal favorite, ‘Virgin Mojito’. All of them have the crispness and ounces of freshness that you will immediately get you into the groove.

Apart from the ones mentioned, there are still a mind-boggling number of non-alcoholic beverages which can make your night. If you still need something more, you can experiment and concoct your own special mocktails at home, and see what really suits your fancy.

Not only it involves responsible way of drinking and has no side effects, it is also an extremely pleasant way to beat the heat. So make merry with these mocktails and enjoy your indulgence to the fullest.