Fashionable Ways To Reinvent Your Old Clothes

Fashionable Ways To Reinvent Your Old Clothes

Fashionable Ways To Reinvent Your Old Clothes In this present socio economic condition when expenses are on the rise, revamping your wardrobe can be a very frightening task. On the other hand you will surely get bored of wearing the same types of cloths for a prolonged period.

So, we will have to look for an easy way out to reinvent old clothes in a manner that they create a fashion statement. Here are some easy ways as to how to reinvent your old clothes in to new style.

Fashionable Ways to Reinvent Your Old Clothes

Add Buttons to Your Old Blouse

One of the quickest ways of giving a face lift to an old blouse is to alter its buttons. Pick up the old blouses from your wardrobe and go to the nearest fabric store. Look for different buttons that can be stitched to the blouse to make them look different.

If your blouse is a simple one then add glamour to it by stitching funky buttons.If you have blouses already with chunky buttons then remove them to sober up the blouses. You can also use pieces of the same fabric to stitch same patterned fabric buttons on to the blouses.

Transform the Old Dresses by Altering Their Cuts

This can be an easy and interesting way of revamping your old clothes. If you have a long sleeved blouse or t-shirt, cut the sleeves to reinvent them into sleeve less, stylish blouses. You can use the same means of transforming your long pants in to shorts. This will surely add style to the old fashioned tops and pants. You can further accessorize them by hand painting small motives on them or stitching small floral patterns to make the old clothes look stylish and glamorous.

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If you have a good figure to flaunt, cut your pants in to shorts that can be accessorized with a strappy heeled shoe and matching short blouses. Jeans are the easiest materials to alter at home. Cotton pants and tops are also easy to alter. You can cut a long frock short and stitch the hem at home to produce a new line of clothing.

Dye Your Old Clothes

One of the most innovative and fun way of converting old clothes into new is by dyeing them in new colors and patterns. You can customize them by adding bold and glamorous colors to your plain shirts and pants.

Wear Clothes in a New Way

You can always wear your old clothes in a new way. Adding a belt to a long frock will make it look elegant as it accentuates your figure. Add a lacy hem to your short skirt to make it look longer.

Customize your old scarf into a short top. If you have a long knitted skirt, pull the waist band of the skirt under the arms and belt it at the middle. This will produce a stylish and elegant summer wear. How to reinvent your cold clothes can actually become addictive if you allow your imagination to run wild. This will also help in boosting your creativity.