Fashionable Moms, The Current Trend

Fashionable-Moms As the old adage goes “a girl should be two things: classy and fabulous”. How will it feel to be the “mom in red high heels” –a dream maybe every woman with a sense of style has dream of at least once in her life?

Let us see how this can be achieved with a flair for an inborn sense of style and a little help of cash flow in the right direction. The foremost thing that we need to clarify with and be sure of more than anything and anyone else is our own mind. There has been an old perception deep inside our minds that a mom cannot be stylish. Why so? No one has the answer to that.

We need to understand that being a mom is a gift of nature that every woman should be rejoicing about and not mourn by stopping to be stylish and by neglecting their health and beauty. Yes, it is true that it’s not easy to be a fashionable mom. The time required to devote to the family chores takes a toll on a woman’s health and mind draining her of all her energy.

But that is something which makes it more important for a women to take better care of own health and beauty, since a healthy and fresh look would fight all the odds and reward one with a healthy and fresh mind and body.

For example, are you planning for an evening out in a cocktail party? Why try the boring LBD that come with some basic pumps! Instead, be a bit bolder by trying out a funkier look with multiple pieces to complete the complete dress –asymmetrical shapes, ruffles, unique lines and interesting patterns can all combine in a proper rhythm to give an exclusive outlook. An additional spicing up of the complete look can be done with a pair of elite shoes.

And finally, since accessories are an integral part of fashion that completes an outline to the total diagram, some designer jewelry can be added too. A good example of a wrapped up casual yet beautiful style can be that of Katie Holmes.

She would wear just a simple khaki pant with white blouse and a long navy coat to give the feel of arriving winter, sported with an interesting contrast scarf –and would manage to look drop-dead gorgeous. The essence is classic style always has the simplicity in it to bowl over anyone.