Fashionable Clipper Haircuts For Girls

Fashionable Clipper Haircuts For Girls

Fashionable Clipper Haircuts For Girls A professional woman does not find the opportunity to spend a lot of time dressing up every morning before going to work. Because of the increasing shortage of time, professional women are looking for hair styles that will not only be easy for them to do, but will also look elegant and sophisticated in their work place.

Clipper haircuts for girls are becoming popular, as these are low maintenance hair styles that can be produced into other attractive styles. Clippers make the rear look trimmer while frames the front of the face by adding lengths and layers. Here are some very popular and trendy clipper haircuts for girls of all age that will make your life simple.

Pixie Cut

The above hair style has been adorned by celebrities all over the world. This is a very cute hair style that accentuates heart shaped or round faces. The hair at the back is cut very short and the overall trimming is done very close to the scalp of the head. The hair strands at the back end and front end are layered and one can spike them for a funky look.

The pixie cut can be easily customized by increasing or decreasing the length of hair to the back or the sides of the head. One way of styling a pixie haircut is to apply mousse over the hair strands and then brush them. Blow dry the hair before applying molded wax to keep the hair fixed at its place.

The Bob Cut Hairstyle

One of the most traditional and classy short hair styles is the bob cut. The bob cut not only requires low to no maintenance but they also accentuate a short neck, making it look longer. Clippers can be used to obtain a short bob look. Hairs from the front and the side are taken to the back with clippers while bangs are left to frame the shape of the face.

The short or very short bob cuts go extremely well with a round face. Bob cuts can again be produced into many more hairstyles such as the inverted bob cut. This style contains longer bangs at the front, with layered sides. Angled bob cut along with chin and inverted bob are easy to maintain and go well with all types of hair colors.

Asymmetrical Cut

This hair style has been in fashion since the 1980s. This short and low maintenance hair style has continued to stay as a trendy hair cut for girls since then. In the asymmetrical cut, the bangs are cut at angles and the back hair is layered and cut short.

The best thing about this hair style is that it goes well with all types of hair lengths. You can also add colors to the bangs or hair strands and give it a funky appearance. All the above clipper haircuts for girls require low maintenance than other hair styles. Besides, they are easy to manage and this is why these hair styles are growing more popular.