Fashion With Stripes

Unless you have a lean and slender body, wearing horizontal stripes is quite a risk. On the other hand vertical stripes are considered as more lenient, but even these ought to be worn with some care, else you’ll end up looking like a clown. So here are a few tips on how to use stripes effectively.

•    If you have a frame that is a bit on the manly side, look for horizontal stripes to make your figure look curvier, as they can lend depth to the outlook; avoid vertical stripes because they make your body look elongated and flattened.

•    For curvy bodies, with a full-size bust line, lay your hands on horizontal stripes with prudence; in particular on tops which fit tightly around the bust and waist. And the same rule goes for those who are chunky around the middle.  Go careful with your color choice, since dark colors have a somewhat slimming effect.

•    For horizontal stripes choose a size one above your actual size, to prevent them from clinging tightly and to enjoy a widening effect.

•    Skirts or trousers in vertical stripes can help you look taller, provided you wear them with a top or T-shirt in a solid-colored. A similar effect is seen with diagonal stripes.

•    On a daily basis avoid over playing with stripes and remember that while a single piece in stripes will add up to style, wearing stripes head-to-toe isn’t visually appealing.

•    As for color shades, use darker stripes to cover up chunky and bumpy figures. While younger women can get off scot-free with cute candy-stripes, but beyond 35 a woman would look more aged with such stripes. The safest bet is to try color stripes in shades of pink, red and orange.

•    For petite frames stick to narrow stripes to get the best look. In case you have fuller hips and small breasts then wear a top in stripes and club it with a single color skirt, and if your figure is the other way round then try a plain top with monochrome-striped skirt.

•    To make a small bust seem bigger wear some top which has broad stripes across the top part that is till where your breasts end, and the lower part should be in narrow or diagonal stripes.

Sidharth Thakur