Fashion Trends to Hide Your Belly

Dressing using the right apparel helps you look great and also ensures that the figure looks as slim as possible.

Therefore if you have a belly, there are many ways to hide it. All that you have to do is to choose the right dresses and forget being conscious about your body shape.

While purchasing a dress or a shirt, ensure that there is no need for it to be buckled around your waist in the middle. Whenever there is a buckle or a joint on your stomach, eyes get drawn to the area and your belly becomes more discernible. Any dress that has a belt that tightens it from the side of the waist will ensure that the belly is not highlighted.

Whenever you purchase a jeans or a pair of trousers for yourself, do your best to stay away from those pants that hold just at your waist. They will seem to cup your belly which will make it seem more prominent. The solution to it is a low rise jeans or a pair of trousers. These are the ones that are not low on waist but a little low rise and preferably boot cut.

If you intend to wear a jacket, then ensure that the jacket also is not exactly waist high. That will show the bulge just the way tucked in blouses and cropped tops will. It is always advisable that these be avoided. Also do not wear long necklaces and big pins.

When it comes to the style of clothes, then vertical stripes are the only ones give the illusion of a slimmer figure. Tunic style tops and sweaters will suit such a figure and hide the belly effectively. Any dress that has an empire waist will suit your figure just fine.

When it comes to the colors that will suit you, go for black whenever you can. This is the best color to help you hide a big belly. A thumb rule for choosing colors is that you must never wear those that are shiny over the body part that you want to hide. The effect will be opposite. Also, avoid too many colors at once.