Fashion Trends For This Spring

Fashion trends are dynamic in nature. Change in season, endorsement of a certain style by a celebrity, etc have a huge impact on what is considered fashionable these days.

The spring season characterized by its exuberance and radiance has an impact on the fashion trends.  Usually spring is associated with floral prints and designs, bright colors, flashy footwear and so on. However trends can differ depending upon the kind of dress, accessory, clutch, etc. At a certain point in time, the style of the earlier era makes a comeback.

This year, the style of the 70s which is known for its sophistication and glamour is back in vogue. Sparkling dresses, high-waist pants, blouses with low neck are going to be the attractions for this spring’s trend. Another style which has made a glamorous comeback is the punk style.

The punk style goes hand-in-hand with the style and attitude of the generation of the 21st century. The trend does not entail only wearing dresses that resemble punk style but indulging in the pleasures of life and giving more importance to the gratification of the senses.

While shopping for giving a makeover to your wardrobe, don’t forget to pick some maxi dresses which are going to make rounds this spring. Maxi dresses in sheer cloth makes a girl look feminine and at the same time, adds a touch of glamour to her attire.

Another style making rounds on the fashion circuit this spring is bold stripes. For a chic look, bold stripes on blouses or shirts teamed with a coat which is padded at shoulders with sleek stripes can be worn. Or else stripes in different colors like blue and white on a dress can look appealing this season.

To accentuate the sleek waistlines, high waist belts can be tried on dresses be they floral or vintage. The belts come in a variety of bright colors like purple, red, blue or neutral colors. They add a feminine touch to the attire and look attractive. Other accessories which are in trend this spring include chunky beaded neck pieces, anklets and bracelets with trendy handbags.