Fashion Tips:How To Find The Perfect Pair Of Jeans

Today, jeans form an integral part of the female wardrobe.

And we are spoilt for choice as we have a large variety of jeans to choose from.There are skinny jeans, boot cut jeans, straight fit jeans, tapered jeans and so on.

But many women around the globe face the problem of finding the perfect pair of jeans which suits them.The pair of jeans which looked absolutely stunning on the mannequin might yield the exact opposite results when you try it on.

There are certain ground rules when it comes to selecting the perfect pair of jeans.Here are some tips which you can follow to find that pair of jeans which is perfect for you.The basic rule lies in knowing your body. Not all of us are blessed with a perfect body. Choose your jeans according to the shape and structure of your body.

If you are really curvy with an hourglass figure, then go for a pair of smooth fit jeans.Avoid heavy denims with large pockets on the back side and jeans that are too baggy or too tight. If your body has a rectangular shape, then a pair of stone washed straight legged jeans will best suit you.

If your body has an inverted triangular shape, then choose a pair of boot cut jeans in order to create a long and lean look. Avoid tapered jeans and straight legged jeans. For people with a pear shaped body, the best option will be to invest in a pair of dark boot cut jeans.

Do not ever buy a pair of jeans without trying them out.The pair of jeans which you think might be perfect for you will turn out to be an absolute disaster once you wear it.

Some styles of jeans may be very much in vogue, but they won’t seem to suit you.You might buy that pair of jeans trying to be a fashion plate, but finally you will end up being a fashion disaster. No matter how much latest the trend is never buy a pair of jeans unless it suits you and fits you properly.

Finally,do not limit your search for the perfect pair of jeans to one or two shops. Explore a variety of shops to compare the trends and prices and also do ask the sales people to help you out.