Fashion tips for petite women

Women with short height, say five feet three or less, are often referred to as petite in the fashion lingo. Clothing and accessories have always been a problem for such women with petite frames, since most clothes don’t sit well on this body type. Petite women must always go in for those clothes and accessories which can make them look taller, by giving their body an elongated look.

Here are some fashion Do’s and Don’ts for petite women:


They should go for a simple tailored style rather than the elaborate ones. Wearing dresses in plain colors or something which is matching in color or similar in shade will help in stretching the look vertically. It’s advisable to wear medium or light colored plain tops with dark colored pants or skirts.

Wearing straight pants which covers your shoes gives you an elongated look. You can also go for tapered pants and skirts, to look leaner and longer. Wearing floor length trousers can make your legs look longer. When wearing skirts go in for longer lengths, at least a few inches below the knees. And for the tops choose short to medium length.

Choosing clothes which have vertical stripes can help in creating a longer look. That in a way says you must avoid clothes with horizontal stripes.


Frills and long sleeves are not meant for petite women and are thus best avoided. Also it is advisable that you avoid any oversized t-shirts or baggy clothes. Too many embellishments and pockets in the chest area can make you look heavy around the top, thus making you look short further.

Accessories like wide embellished belts should be avoided. These cut the body vertically, thus making you look shorter. For the same reasons, it’s always better to avoid pants or skirts with dropped waistband.

If you are opting for jackets make sure that you opt for a short one rather a long jacket. Do not wear long tops as well. Wearing Capris must also be avoided. All these can cause your body to look disproportionate.

Besides clothes, accessories also play a major role in making you look tall. A good accessory like high heeled shoes, small clutch bags, and small chic hats can do wonders for petite women. Also, a good hair style, preferable in a short or medium length, can also do wonders in looking tall and proportionate.

Sidharth Thakur