5 Fashion Tips For Middle Aged Women

Fashion Tips For Middle Aged Women

Middle aged women are normally concerned about their clothes. While some women are in a desperate attempt to recapture their youth and wear clothes that a twenty year old would others tend to dress simple and dowdy.

Neither ways is correct; if you are middle aged you need to capture that in your clothes and your style statement needs to speak volumes about your age. I have a few tips that will help you to put your best foot forward and capture the essence of your age.

When you are in your middle age you will need to opt out of wearing bright colors and primary colors. Soft shades in neutral colors like beige, grey, khaki, black, brown and olive are the shades for you.

You could wear a combination of black and white for the evening; however, avoid wearing it to work or for an event in the day as it may look too bold. At this point in your life your body will be going through several changes and this has a direct impact on your figure. This may seem very frustrating as it will also be difficult to find clothes that fit your body.

wear a combination of black and white

The key to looking good is to wear clothes that fit well. Think of your clothes as an investment and always wear clothes of the right size. Clothes that are a size smaller will not look decent and those that are big will make you look bulky.

looking good is to wear clothes that fit well

A middle aged woman looks elegant when she wears minimal accessories. Don’t pile on too many jewels at the same time; instead wear one piece of statement jewelry. Funky jewelry and purses are not meant for a mature woman.

Instead look out for scarves to add elegance to your outfits. When you choose your scarves don’t be backward to choose bold designs but remember to have muted colors. The scarves need to stand out but not be the main attraction in your outfit.

scarves to add elegance to your outfits

If you are wearing a neutral shirt and a jacket over it then wear a chunky necklace to add glamour to your outfit. However you need to wear only one piece of chunky jewelry in order to look classy and elegant.

Co-ordinate your outfits with your shoes, coat and hat and keep your personality in mind when you are putting your outfit together.