Fashion Scarves: Ways To Wear Scarves

One of the most versatile fashion accessories that can add pizzaz and style to any outfit, scarves are widely used by both men and women for adding a touch of elegance one’s attire.

Scarves are available in a range of fabrics, sized and styles suitable for any occasion. They are not only tied around the neck but can also used as a belt around the waist, worn on the hips as sarongs or just loosely draped around the shoulders for a great effect.

So whether you want to add a splash of color to a drab outfit or simply mellow down your style, knowing how to wear a scarf can help you in styling and extending your wardrobe. Here is the step by step instruction guide on some ways in which you can wear a scarf around your neck.

A simple and sophisticated way of tying a scarf around the neck is by using the Ascot knot. For this style fold your scarf in half lengthwise and let it hang on your shoulders ensuring both sides are equal. Take one end of the scarf and allow it to pass under the other end of the scarf. Bring the end upwards and let it fall over the knot equally.

If you want to opt for a casual sleek look then you can try on a simple style wherein the scarf is folded lengthwise and then placed around the neck. The two ends are then pulled through the centerfold for a casual yet sleek look.

If you are yearning to team up your scarf with a shirt or use it as a collar then try the chic triangular wrap. This can be done with a square scarf. Just fold the scarf in half so that it forms a triangle and place it around the neck so that the triangular portion is on the chest. Wrap the two ends around the neck and then bring it to the front again.

Tie the ends into a knot and bring on the triangular end over the knot. You can tuck into your shirt or simply use it as a collar. Usually printed scarves in bold colors can create a statement when tied this way.

You can accessorize your scarf with pins and brooches for a fashionable look.Experimenting with fabrics can also work quite well when wearing a scarf. So tie a light weight silk scarf to office and use a knit cashmere scarf for a cocktail party.

Parul Solanki