Fashion Mistakes That Are Very Common

Everyone – be it your mother, best friend or the celebrities have committed fashion mistake at some point of time in their lives. Perhaps you too have faced the situation when you committed that common fashion mistakes.

These are some widespread fashion mistakes that we all have done at some point of time in our life:

Unsuitable colors. Some colors suit only specific skin tones though they may look pleasant to your eyes. So, choose the one that matches your skin tone. Don’t go for washed out or pale colors.

Unfitting clothes. Don’t squeeze yourself into garments that are smaller than the size you wear and are comfortable in. Such clothes will make you uncomfortable and unwanted accidents like breaking down of a seam or button can occur.

Inappropriate makeup. Wear light makeup at daytime. Use heavy shades for parties in the evening or at night. Use colors that compliment your skin tone and match your dress.

Wrong color pantyhose. Go for pantyhose whose color matches the color of your skirt’s hem and/or the shoes that you will wear.

Scruffy shoes. Don’t ruin your dress by wearing a dirty pair of shoes. Wear clean shoes and the ones whose leather look polished.

Odd nails. File your fingernails and maintain a decent length. Remember to apply a fresh coat of the nail polish if the paint has chipped. Wear dignified colors to office and experiment with the funky and bright shades during the weekends.

Slipping slips. Use slips that fit around the waist nicely and match the color of your skirt or outfit.

Underarm stains. Use a dress shield or a good quality deodorant, especially when you are dressed in a white top.

Visible bra lines. Use a bra that fits you snugly. If your bra fails to lift your bosom, rides up your back or has straps that fall off your shoulders, shun them and buy a new pair that fits well.

Roots. Colored hair should be touched up so that the roots aren’t visible. Also, select colors that match the tone of your skin.

However, if you know what suits you and take care of the small details, you will be able to avoid the frequency of these fashion disasters.