Fashion Guide For The Lollipop Shaped Women

the-lollipop-shaped-women A lollipop shaped woman is one who has a heavy bust line and a long and slender lower body. As for men, they surely love this shape, because of the way they are obsessed with big breasts, but a woman who’s got this kind of a body shape usually has to struggle to find the right clothing. 

The challenge is big, because you have to balance out that heavier top and that leaner bottom, still it can be done provided you learn the ABC of it.

The basics to dressing up the lollipop shape

What’s most important, for a lollipop shaped woman, is to wear the right kind of bra to lend proper shape and support to the exaggerated bust line. As for the remaining clothing, you need to look for well fitting tops in sweetheart necklines, to flaunt your breasts without overstating them. And to compensate for the leaner legs, look for skirts and dresses, in flowing fabric, in some flared style to add width to the lower part of the body. However, for those who are more comfortable in trousers, they should look for the bell bottoms style to flatter their body shape and balance out the heavy top.

More than clothing, you need to be particular about your posture to look smart and graceful. Always stand tall and avoid that tendency to slouch so as to make your curves more obvious and remarkable.

Casual dressing

As we just stated, sweetheart necklines are your best friend, as they can make your breasts look smaller, the same rule stands true for casual tops as well. And in case of shirts, put on a waist jacket and you’ll have a similar effect.

Boot cut jeans have the same balancing effect as the bell-bottom trousers; so, do stack in a few pairs of this style of jeans. Straight fit jeans are also tolerable; however, you must avoid the skinny jeans.

Dressing up for a party

For more flattering silhouettes you need to get your dresses tailor made, so that they fit well across the bust line. For a more amiable look get your dresses made in soft draping fabrics and let the styling be such that it minimizes your waist and adds volume to your hips. As for footwear look for something in straight high heels, and you’re ready to rock the party.

Sidharth Thakur