Fashion For The Skinny Gal

offshoulder-dress Even if you’re a skinny babe, you still have a lot of options to dress up your figure in style. You don’t really have to run in for the oversized clothing which makes you look like a scarecrow or those skinny fits which make you look lanky.

Here are three lovely dress-up styles that even the skinniest of babes can wear with perfect modishness.

Get into the layers

Layered dresses are the best thing you can find to add fullness to your skinny stature. There is something magical about the way layered clothing can add smart definition to your otherwise not so appealing contours. And best of all, layering is fairly easy to do.

For instance, you could pull on an unbuttoned shirt over a fitted top or tee shirt. Or say if you want to wear sporty stringy tops, then you can finish it off with a jacket on top, to add more fullness to your breasts. Just remember that when you’re layering, play around with some different colors and the results will be superb. You can also try wearing stoles to achieve that layered effect.

Paring skinny tops with flared lowers

When you aren’t overly skinny at the top, you can dare to wear any of your spaghetti or string tops by clubbing them up with flared long length skirts. This will help in taking off the attention from the top part of your body while adding an interesting element to the lower half of the body. But if you are too lean around the top, then you’ll do better wearing some jacket over your top.

Trousers and Denims

Tight pencil pants are definitely not meant for you, unless you want to look like the draught hit victims. For trousers and denims just leave out all the skinny fits, and instead go in for some classic straight cuts or those with flared bottoms. You can also wear low waist shape of denims and flaunt your flat stomach. Carpenter jeans paired with tight fitting T-shirts is another style that you can carry with perfect aplomb, without worrying about your skinny figure.

Sidharth Thakur