Fashion Etiquette for White Shoes

Do you have a pair of white shoes in your closet and are clueless about how to wear them? Well, I have a few tips that may get you out of your dilemma. While it’s ok for brides and nurses to wear white shoes thorough out the year the rest of us need to be cautious about our choices.

As a rule we are only allowed to wear white shoes for certain parts of the day.

Remember, when you are buying white shoes winter whites and off whites are a better option than bright whites. This will prevent you from looking like a fashion victim. Instead of white you can also wear ivory colored shoes; these are a rather paler shade of white that do not look too shiny.

White boots in winter are not a bad option. However here again you will need to make sure that the boots are not winter white and are a warmer shade of white. Winter boots can also have a white fleece trimming to make it look elegant and stylish. This is a nice way to wear the color in winter.

If you are experimenting with wearing white then you need to watch out when you are wearing white shoes. Avoid wearing summer outfits with white shoes. This is a fashion no –no and you will look like a fashion victim. The fact that the sun will brighten up the color of the shoes will also impact your overall look.

If you must wear a pair of white shoes then wear them with pants or trousers rather that with dresses. Teaming up the shoes with a white hand bag or any other accessory in the same shade of white will help you to maintain the look of the outfit. However you need to remember if you are wearing accessories in white then you need to wear all of them in the same shade else you will look like a fashion victim and will also look out of place.

Avoid wearing white sandals rather wear shoes or boots. White sandals stand out and tend to look too jazzy whereas boots and shoes make you look classy and help you to stand out in a crowd for all the right reasons.