Fashion Consciousness

When you go for a job interview, you plan your dress and make up impeccably. It is your earnest desire to give a positive first impression to your interviewer. But do you really spare a thought about your shoes? Perhaps not as you think that no one will notice them. Well, you are wrong.

If your shoes are ill-fitting or don’t complement your entire dress-up, all the good work will be undone. So, select your shoes that complement your attire and persona when you appear for that lucrative job interview.

To get a corporate look, go for shoes with closed toes, which have a three inch (or lower) heels. However, if you prefer flats, wear them. Whatever be your choice, ensure that you wear clean shoes that match your outfit. Don’t wear shoes that are shabby and dirty. This will show you to be a careless person and you may even loose a good career opportunity for the mistake.

Though you may select shoes that fit your personal style, remember to have an appropriate look for the job that you have applied for. In case it’s a job in the finance or banking sector, dress conventionally. However, if it’s a job that encourages creativity like in the advertisement sector, you can experiment with your shoes by wearing the one having animal prints or big buckles.

Wearing dirty shoes to a job interview is a total no-no. Even stay away from these if you want to get selected for that new job:

* Sneakers. Though comfortable to wear, these are not formal enough to be worn to a job interviews.

* Sandals, flip-flops and shoes with open-toe. As an interview for a job is a formal affair, don’t wear these shoes that look informal.

* Very high heels. High heels are stylish but not that practical, especially when you are hurrying to be on time for your job interview. You surely don’t want to injure your ankle or meet an accident. Also, shoes with very high heels can cause you pain that may appear on your face. So, it’s wise to wear something that will make your feet comfortable while you appear at the job interview.

* Embroidered shoes. Shoes that are heavily decorated with crystals or metallic pieces are not fit to be worn for job interviews. So, appear for your job interview wearing the proper shoes and make an impact.