Fashion at The Age of Fifty, What To Do and What Not To Do!

When you are fifty and you are still kicking you got to depend a lot on your maturity and yet you should be comfortable with what you wear. You now have all the maturity and the wisdom and also a sense of well being.

Yet you should find out for yourself what is wearable and what suits your figure and your budget all to well. You must keep in mind that all you wear should not be a strain on the purse strings nor on your figure. You should carry it well enough to feel good about the
fashion at your age.

You might not be any more comfortable looking through the racks to find the mini skirts and the hip-hugging jeans you would no longer feel comfortable in. So it’s best to find out the styles you love. The fashion magazine often ignore women who are gone past a certain age and so getting ideas for your dresses can be quite a task. The glossies often ignore women of fifties and pay more attention to young girls who they think are more fashion conscious.

Although designers and sports wear sellers exhibit bright youth with their products, the more realistic minded ones would keep in mind that there should be fashionable also for the elderly generation.

You can find out what works for yourself and what does not. The retailers that are successful lets you go on a quest on fashion conscious clothes for those in fifties. So how about dressing sexy at this age? Let you and the younger people know that dressing sexy does not necessarily mean you have to bare all parts of the body. You can use sensual fabrics to alleviate the charm like fur, cashmere, leather or silk. You can use sexy colors like red, plum, chocolate, wine and midnight blue.

Isn’t that interesting and fascinating too?

If you want to experiment with your handbag or your shoes go about them and pick the ones that give you comfort and ease rather than the ones that make you look more fashionable. You should get them in good proportion and size and also wear the accessories and the jewelry that suits your age.