Fashion Accessories for Women Over 50

Don’t frown if you are in your fifties. You have just as many options for accessories as you did when you were a teenager. As a matter of fact you can use your accessories to help you to look like a million bucks. It’s now time for you to ditch your micro minis and add classic outfits to your wardrobe.As you enter your fifties you need to keep your clothes simple and elegant. Use monochromatic colors with simple accessories. This will help you to look fashionable and elegant.

Accessories make your outfits vibrant and thus you should not be afraid to experiment. Wearing accessories that are small and unnoticeable makes no sense. If you are accessorizing your outfits then go all out. Learn to accessorize to make your style unique and help you to stand out in a crowd.

A handbag is one accessory that adds oomph to your look. It is an accessory that can make or break your entire look. You need to have a wide collection of handbags in your collection. Each bag needs to be different from the other in terms of size and colors and texture. Have a collection of vibrant summer bags in bright hues and prints.

Your shoes will speak volumes about your attire. Along with wearing trendy shoes you will need to use accessories like anklets, toe rings and strappy shoes.

You can accessorize with your spectacles as well. If you are required to wear glasses all the time then you have a wide variety of choices. Just because you are in your fifties you need not look at over sized frames. Look at colors like sea green or blue to help you look young and trendy.

Use jewels that blend into your outfits or contrast with them. If you are wearing a simple outfit or a blouse then wear a big pendant with a chunky chain. Use plenty of bangles in your hand that work in contrast with your attire.

In order to add chic to your outfit you can use scarves, stoles or shawls. This will depend on the season. You can drape them in different styles to match the outfit and the season.

Add belts to your wardrobe as they accentuate your attire in ways beyond your imagination. If you are wearing a chunky belt then avoid wearing any other chunky jewelry.