Fashion Accessories For The Fall Season

accessory For the fall season, when most of your body is covered with clothing, accessories trend are a great way to add in a punch of liveliness to your overall outlook. And as accessories are normally not as expensive as clothing, you can always keep making additions to your accessory collection to maintain a sprightly wardrobe. Here’s a little help on how you can use accessories wisely to create some dramatic winter fashion styles of your own.


Necklaces, particularly the layered types, can be used effectively to update your looks for almost any occasion. However to avoid that messy and jumbled look, settle for just one necklace in a perfectly coordinated style so as to enhance the appeal of your face. Gold necklaces have a more chic element, however budget-wise pearls and beads are better alternatives. For are more exclusive look you can even use antique metal charms hung in thick strings. Longer strings look wonderful over thick heavy sweaters.


Belts have their own role to play in fall fashion, they are the best accessory to cinch-in your waist and portray an hourglass figure, even when you are covered in heavy chunky sweaters and over coats. Perk up your feminine quotient by wearing a wide belt over a simple winter dress or a large heavy pullover.

Leather handbags

Bulky and oversized handbags, in lustrous patent leather, are a popular handbag style to go with thick and heavy fall clothing. And since darker shades are always more pleasing during fall and winters, look for these handbags in rich black, burgundy or brown shades. Although the styling of these bags is very simple, don’t underestimate them for their versatility and classiness.

Boots and ballet shoes

There is no other shoe which is as flattering as the tall leather boots, all through fall and winters. You can pair them up with almost any dress, and what’s even better is that they look exquisite when worn with overcoats and heavy winter wear. The other shoe type, that is snug and cozy, and goes well with most fall clothing is ballet flats. Ballet flats are comfortable casual wear shoes and look wonderful with jeans as well as trousers.

Sidharth Thakur