Fascinating Footwear For Spring Summer 2011

High Heels Footwear

There are many women who meticulously follow footwear trends. For them, getting the right pair of shoes is as important as getting the right clothes, accessories, bags and make up. These are the women who would go to any extent to get the perfect little shoes that fit their beautiful legs.

We follow these women, their every move and have strived to make things easy for them. Without much ado, we put before you the footwear trends for spring summer 2011. Read on and be enlightened…

2011 is all about revival of the old. The 70s look is back and so are the 70s styles, but with a welcoming palette, prettier prints and innovative styles that go with this century’s definition of women- Bold! Also spotted are styles that are contrasting to each other. There are high heels, flats, printed styles, plains, bold colours, nudes, exaggerated styles, plain clogs and so on…

High Heels

High Heels Footwear

Photo Credit: Thewfash.com

An all time favourite with short as well as towering tall ladies, high heels immediately impart a touch of elegance and prominence to the woman who wears it! Nothing can beat the elegance, the feminine hues and the flirtatious straps, lace details and floral prints that dominates the high heeled sandals of summer 2011. While nudes and pinks are more visible, there are other electric shades like magenta, blue, green and pastel shades like pinks and lilacs to balance the entire palette. While the floral heels can be worn with your floral or bright coloured summer clothes, the nudes and lace detailed one’s can be kept aside for formal occasions and office wear.

Low Heels

low heel footwear

Photo Credit: Fashion4us.com

Women who have a preference for low heel can now relax! They too are in fashion and the styles that we see here are very promising and give scope for experimentation. Low heeled shoes come in a variety of style like stacks, platform heels, wedges, clogs, pointed heels etc. There is room for all sorts of preferences here…

Thick Heels

thick heel foot wear

Photo Credit: Talkshoes.com

The trends for this summer are surely an accommodating one with heels of all sizes and shapes finding a special place in the forecast. Thick heels include platform heels, wedges, clogs, flatforms, boots etc. Each one has its charm and unique appeal. Depending on your dressing style, every type of heel can be allowed to show their charm and attractiveness.

In thick heels, there are styles that are more elaborate like an Espadrille which offers an eco friendly look with the cotton and canvas top and braided rope styles at the heels which can be in a natural material like cotton, jute, coir etc. or in rubberised or synthetic finishes that give a natural look. They are very stylish and come with a variety of embellishments and attachments on the chunky platform and wedge heels that they normally come with.


Flats for women

Photo Credit: Madaboutshoes.org

Year 2011 sees a variety of styles in flats. Just as the heels have come out with styles to die for, flats are equally preferred by a class of women who put comfort, convenience and health in front than style and charisma. But this year, flats too come with all the comfort and convenience along with the option of adding a few inches to you height.

Flat sandals are a must have for tall women who do not want to look like giraffes.  Surgical straps, gladiators, ribbon straps, straps with a T shape and prints such as flowers, animals and geometrical designs are in vogue. These flat sandals are very comfortable if you have to be out in the beach or have to do a lot or walking. Teaming them up with your funky summer clothes will brighten up you day anytime…

Ballet Flats

Ballet Flats footwear for women

Photo Credit: 2experts.net

Another flat style that has remained in the ‘boring’ category has been revived successfully this year. Ballet flats are now available in colourful patchwork designs, metallic hues and with embellishments like flowers, bows and frills. These are the most comfortable shoes with soft soles and suit women of all age groups.


Flatforms for women

Photo Credit: Luanacouture.com

A fascinating style that is very much in vogue this season is a flatform, which is a platform that is flat, but not necessarily without heels. These sandals have the height of a platform heel and the goodness of flat sandals. Women who love flat sandals for their comfort would want to try them on as they can add a few inches to your frame without entering your comfort zone.  Available in bright as well as classic colours, there is scope for one that suits every sort of dressing style.

While talking about flatforms, we must not forget to mention the heel less shoes which have an element of interest and shock about them. These shoes create an impression of standing on your toes. They are actually heel less as the position of the heel has been shifted to the arch of the foot to provide more support there. Heel less shoes actually look as if an imaginary heel is silently and stealthily supporting their heels and women who wear them do not have much to complain about as they are perfectly in balance and offer great comfort unless you do not decide to stand on them for a considerable amount of time.


Straps Footwear

Photo Credit: Stylehive.com

Whether it is high heels or low heels or flats, this season is about straps of varying lengths, size and shape. Surgical strap sandals are great addition to your shoe racks this summer. The bandaged look can be made to suit your fantasies by going for thick, thin, wide, narrow straps that create varied patterns on your legs.  Straps come in textured leather, elastic varieties etc. Nudes, greys and whites are the accepted shades in this style. Thin straps too are very much in.

Straps that are braided, thin leather straps, satin and organza straps etc. are interesting varieties that can be tried on your legs. Organza and satin straps are very innovative in that it offers the flexibility to be tied in a variety of ways. They come in pastel shades and are excellent for summer and spring months. These strappy heels can get along well with any sexy summer dress and make quite a statement!