FAQ on Giving Oral Sex to a Man

For those who have never done it before, giving a man oral sex, or what’s known as a blowjob, can be very intimidating.  Most first timers have a lot of concerns about what to do and what not to do when giving a man oral sex. There are concerns like will I end up vomiting, how deep should you take the penis inside your mouth and should you swallow the semen. We have tried to address these common concerns, which bother women about oral sex.

How hard to suck?

Well, although we use the term sucking it really shouldn’t feel like sucking because that can be very uncomfortable for the man. Also trying to suck hard can leave you with a sore moth. The idea is to slide the male organ in and out of the mouth giving it a slight grip with your lips. Keep your jaw wide open so that your teeth don’t touch his penis. It’s just the lips and the tongue that must come to play when you are giving a man oral sex.

Will his organ choke me?

on’t worry you wont get chocked with a man’s penis in your mouth, unless you’re trying some crazy gymnastics. To keep chocking out of the way, your position is most important. The best position to give a man oral sex is to have him stand, while you kneel down in front of him. In this position you will have free access to teasing his testicles for added excitement and there isn’t a single chance of chocking in this position. Another equally good position for oral sex is to have the man sit down on a couch or chair, with his legs apart and you can sit down on the floor between his feet.

Should you swallow his semen?

From health point of view it’s perfectly safe to swallow the semen, and the rest is your personal choice. If you’re ok with the idea and the taste of semen, go ahead and swallow otherwise have him ejaculate outside the mouth. Men love to see a woman swallow the semen, when having oral sex, but you don’t want to your man will surely understand your inhibitions.

Do you need to take the penis deep into the throat?

Forget what you have seen in the porn films, you don’t need to take the penis deep into your throat, while giving a man oral sex. The most sensitive part of the penis is the tip or the ahead, and that’s exactly what needs to be stimulated while giving oral sex. You don’t need to take more than two or three inches of the penis into your mouth.