Family Meals: For Health And Relationships

Falling prey to the enticing advertisements of fast foods and letting our busy schedule justify our stance, most families have taken to convenience foods as their daily diet.

We all know, how important eating a nutritive and well balanced diet is to staying healthy, still we don’t give this aspect a deeper thought. If you want to keep your family healthy then you must practice healthy eating and give up eating junk food.

Family meals are a great concept and a great encouragement to practice healthy eating, and an opportunity for parents to help their kids eat well. And apart from the regular health benefit of eating a nourishing meal, this ritual can be quite comforting, for both the parents and kids, giving them an opportunity to catch up with each other’s day to day life. When the whole family sits and eats together, all family members are likely to eat more of fruits, vegetables and grains, provided you are serving homemade food and not canned food.

When you’re trying to set up the practice of family meals, in your family, it’s quite likely that you may face some resistance from some family members, particularly your kids in their teens. And that is because the teens feel that this ritual will knock down their new found independence. But then as a parent you must get them to join in for family meals because it will help you to reconnect with them and understand them better.

To prevent your kids from opposing the idea of family meal, the most important thing is to avoid all your lectures and arguments so as to keep the meal time peaceful and pleasant. Get your kids involved in the regular meal planning and preparation tasks to keep them interested in family meals, also once in a way you can allow them to invite their friends over to dinner.

With the kind of fast life that we lead today, family meals offer us a great opportunity to eat healthy and to keep the family bonds strong, so do give this concept a try, and see the benefits.

Sidharth Thakur