Falling Hair- A Common Problem

Loss of hair (Alopecia) occurs due to various reasons. Though a certain number of hair generally fall while shampooing and brushing, normal shedding of hair happens around spring and rainy season.

But when the quantity of hair loss suddenly increases, immediate steps should be taken to control it.

The following are some of the causes of hair loss: Child birth, cessation of breast feeding, after effects of high fever, major surgery, and general weakness of the body due to anemia, diabetes etc.

Acute Hair loss:

In this group, falling of hair begins suddenly and the fall out is heavy, in thick locks of hair. Acute falling of hair stops within a few days or as soon as health improves.

Chronic Hair loss:

Chronic or regular hair loss occurs due to some internal reasons. In this category, the hair loss is slight and constant for months or even years. The fallen hair may not grow again or if it does they will be replaced by very soft and light hair. Reasons for this are hormonal imbalance, slimming diets, hair abuse.

Puberty, menopause or after an operation to remove ovaries or when suffering from goiter can be the reason for hormonal imbalance. Falling of hair starts about six months after the commencement of a slimming diet. It is coupled with a dryness of the skin and brittle nails due to low calorie diet or medication taken to lose weight.

In such cases, the hair loss can be stopped with the help of a good diet and vitamins. Some hair styles like a pony tail, tight bun or back combing can make the hair fall. Technical errors while doing a perm or dyeing hair can also result in loss of hair.

Permanent Hair Loss: This type of hair loss is permanent and leads to baldness in old age. There are many changes in the body due to ageing. The skin changes, becoming drier and finer, scalp and hair papilla also lose their vitality. Hair weaving by an expert hair specialist or wigs can help in such conditions.

Sudden Hair Loss: Sudden loss of hair may be due to some abnormal health problem. The appearance of these bald spots is pale, smooth, soft and slightly depressed due to poorer blood circulation. Administration of scalp treatments can cure spot baldness.

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