Fall Hairstyles for Short Hair

Women style their hair after being inspired by their favorite television personality or movie star. If you are looking at a hair style this season then chances of your hair being styled short are very high. This is not only due to the fact that celebs across the globe are sporting short dos but because this is the easiest cut to maintain your hair.

If you want to style your hair short then consider the pixie cut. This is a cut where the back layers of the hair are short and the front layers are longer in comparison. You can sport heavy to medium bangs with this cut; however that is up to your own discretion. This cut is easy to manage and is the latest sensation with celebs like Katie Holmes. The best part of this style is that is can be worn for all seasons.

Victoria Beckham A.K.A Posh Spice made the short bob one of the trendiest cuts to pose in. This is a cut where the hair is styled above the shoulders and is simple and easy to manage. You can go versatile with this cut and style the front layers of the hair longer that the back. You need to sport bangs with this cut; blunt bangs in a straight cut are perfect and compliment the look.

Messy hairstyles

Not matter how short or long your hair is; if you want to get in on the hair trends this fall then you’ve got to wear your hair in a messy style. It is the most fashionable trend this year. If you have curly hair and if you are sporting a short style; then ensure that the stylist cuts your hair along your natural curls. For those with short hair the cut must focus on exaggerated curls and layers.

If you want to sport a short haircut there are several things to consider. Start with understanding the shape of your face. If you have an oval or a triangular face you can wear your hair in a short style; however for any other face shapes you need to wear your hair longer – till your shoulders.