Fake Nails: An Instant Beauty Fix

Let’s say you’re probably one who has short nails either because the kind of work you do doesn’t allow you to grow your nails or you feel long nails are too much of a trouble to maintain, and then one evening you are invited to a high end party for which you want to look glamorous. Now how do you get those beautiful long nails?

It’s simple just stash in some packets of artificial nails in your makeup kit. They’re very easy to use and come in a variety of sizes, quality and color. The tiny packet also contains the nail glue with which you can fix them onto your natural nails care. When you buy good quality ones they almost look like a real nails and can last even for a few months.

Now before you stick them onto your nails, just place them on your real nails to see if they need any cutting or shaping, so that they sit well on your natural nail shape. It’s better to use the filer to give them a proper shape instead of cutting them with a blade or a scissor. Once you’ve set the shape right, apply some glue on your nails and place the artificial ones over them. Let the glue dry completely before you begin shaping that tips or applying nail polish. How skillfully you set them on to your nails will decide how natural they appeared to be.

The artificial nails are only meant to be a quick fix, so don’t just keep wearing them all the time. No doubt they are sturdy and won’t break or crack even when worn for weeks, but still it’s better to remove them once the party is over. Also keeping your natural nails hidden under the artificial ones will deprive them of the oxygen they need to stay healthy. So, to remove the artificial nails, soak your hands in warm water for about fifteen minutes and then gently peel them off. If one isn’t coming out easily, soak it for some more time but don’t resort to using any sharp objects such as a knife to pull them out.

Sidharth Thakur