Facial Toners for That Refreshed Look

Facial toners have become a part of our daily beauty regimen. It is applied directly after cleansing the skin and before applying moisturizer.

There are different types of toners to choose from but alcohol free toners are the best as they do not dry the skin.

Moisturizers can also be absorbed by the skin better if facial toners are used to remove any residual makeup or dirt which gets accumulated on the skin.
There are many advantages to using a facial toner.

Besides removing dirt and pollutants from the skin, toners have excellent anti-irritation and anti-inflammatory properties. Toners help to tighten pores and aids in restoring the normal PH balance of the skin. Facial toners also give the skin a refreshed look.

Natural facial toners are prepared from natural ingredients. The following facial toner recipes are extremely simple to prepare and helps to invigorate the facial skin.

Yoghurt and Sea Salt Face Toner

To half cup of natural yoghurt, add two egg yolks and half a teaspoon of coarse sea salt. Mix the ingredients thoroughly and apply evenly on the face. Let it dry. Then clean the face with cotton balls dipped in lukewarm water. Besides soothing the skin, this facial toner recipe also helps in tightening the skin and also acts as a natural exfoliate.

Apple and Cucumber Juice Face Toner

Mix together half a cup of fresh apple juice with the juice of two small cucumbers. Apply this natural juice concoction evenly on the skin. Allow it to dry well before rinsing off with cold water.

Lime and Lemon Face Toner

In a small bowl mix together three teaspoons of lemon extract with the juice of one lime and half a cup of rubbing alcohol. Once the ingredients have blended well, transfer to a clean and airtight glass jar.

Apply a few drops of this solution of the face and allow it to dry out. This wonderful natural toner not only tightens the pores of the skin but also helps in removing the excess oil from the skin and gives the face a refreshed look.

Cooling Basil Face Toner

Boil three teaspoons of dried basil leaves in one cup of water. Let the mixture reduce slightly before straining the liquid. Allow the liquid to cool before applying on the face. This is an excellent cooling toner.

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