Facial Steaming – The Way To A Clean And Healthy Skin

A glowing and beautiful skin is the dream of everyone.To achieve that dream, we keep on using a plethora of beauty products.

But many fail to realize the truth that the beauty of the skin comes from deep within inside.Facial steaming is a method by which you can cleanse out your skin and make it glowing and gorgeous.

Facial steaming is one of the best methods to pamper your face and keep it clean and healthy.By facial steaming, toxins are removed from the skin and our skin is detoxified and purified.The skin is softened and removal of blackheads becomes a very easy process.

This process can be included in your beauty care regime regardless of your skin type.Spas and salons offer a variety of facial steaming treatments.But if you are running short of time,then you can follow the below said tips to do a facial steaming at the comforts of your own home.

Before steaming your face, cleanse it and dry it thoroughly.Boil distilled water.After the water has boiled,transfer it to a large bowl and place the bowl on a stable and flat surface.

Place your face approximately a foot above the steaming bowl and try to get most of the steam by draping a towel over your head.The steam should be just warm enough that it has a relaxing effect and does not burn the skin.

The benefits of facial steaming can be increased by adding essential oils and herbs to the boiling water.

Mix equal parts of chamomile and cold skimmed milk,and add it to water and boil it.These added ingredients will help to take care of problems like acne.Chamomile helps in relaxing the skin and also helps in getting rid of age lines and wrinkles.

If you want your facial steam to be extra cleansing, then add a few slices of lime to boiling water.Addition of mint to the boiling water will help in the easy removal of blackheads.

Facial steaming with green tea is also found to be a very effective anti aging treatment.You can either dip green tea bags into boiling water or use loose tea leaves.If you have dry skin, then you can boil water by adding cold skimmed milk and rose water and then steam your face.

After steaming your face, rinse it with cool water.Blot lightly using a towel and moisturize it so that your skin remains completely hydrated.