Facial Skin Care Tips for Men

Just because you are a man does not mean that you should not take care of your skin. In fact men’s skin is oilier, dirtier and has larger pores than women.

Gone are the times when grooming and caring for one’s skin and hair were feminine traits. Today all alpha males take care of their skin and why should they not?

Facial skin is thinner in comparison to your body and therefore is more prone to skin problems like acne, wrinkles and scars. Therefore it requires a little extra care. The most basic step to facial skin care is to cleanse your skin every day. Proper cleansing of your face daily with a chemical free good cleanser is a must.

Exfoliating your skin with a scrub should be done once a week as men’s skin is 15 times oilier than women. Take care to not exfoliate too much that it harms your skin. You can also create your own soothing natural scrub at home. Mix sugar, apple cider vinegar and honey in equal parts and massage it gently on your face.

Use a toner or an astringent containing glycolic or alpha hydroxyl acids. It will repair your skin, reduce its pore size and maintain its elasticity.

Never share your shaving razor with anybody. Make sure to change your razor regularly. Shaving not only greatly helps to remove all dead skin cells but also requires moisturizing. Keeping your skin moisturized does not increase chances of developing acne. Instead extremely dry skin is more vulnerable to acne.

Always use a good sunscreen with SPF of at least 20 before stepping out in the sun. The harmful rays of the sun are the most damage causing factors that can cause numerous types of skin cancers like basal cell carcinoma; squamous cell carcinoma etc. sunscreen provides a biggest defense against direct rays of the sun which is also one of the major reasons of ageing.

Every man should incorporate these steps into his daily cleansing regime. Caring for one’s skin will not make you look feminine in any way. Rather, a good skin type enhances your looks.

neha madan