Facial Massage Keeps You Young And Vivacious!

facial You are proud of your face. The beauty of your facial skin seems irresistible to others. Still you need a good and periodical facial massage to maintain and improve the tone and glow of your facial skin.

Think of a facial skin free from wrinkles and crow’s foot. Surely, a facial beauty draws attraction and builds your confidence a lot. If you are conscious about beauty and skincare, you must take necessary steps to keep your facial skin supple and glowing in the same way you nurture other parts of your body.

A good facial massage not only tones your face but also let your facial muscles relax and stimulate the blood vessels so that blood circulation improves in that region. You will personally feel relaxed and calm while and after your face is massaged properly. Also, you will increase chances of keeping wrinkles away from your face.

It is always better to get a professional treatment on facial massage in a spa or a salon, but it does not always become feasible to all people. You can follow some home-based procedures to give your facial skin a good massage.

Use a gentle scrub to exfoliate while washing your face. Apply cool water to get your skin rinsed with cold water. Then you need to soak water to dry and start stroking entire facial area initiating from the area surrounding your neck. Go upward after that and give a gentle rub in circular motion. Do it across your cheeks when you do that.

You have to apply little pressure on your mounds and go on rubbing there for 2 to 3 minutes. You need to roll fingers upward your cheeks. Back of your palm needs its use here while doing this massage. You have to do the same on your chin to get rid of double chin.

Use of pads on your sinus and forehead area is good to reduce pressure. Move your fingers across your nose and skin area under eyes, and repeat the process. Go on likewise till you reach the middle of your forehead. A facial massage two times a week and enduring for 15 minutes on an overage surely brings good results.


  • Having facial spa makes you feel revived and cleansed with the dust that your skin has accumulated. This is effective to do for once in awhile.