Facial Hair – What A Mess?

While facial and body hair seems quite sexy on men, but for women body hair can be quite annoying and undoubtedly they make you look ugly. And the worst situation is when there is a visibly thick growth of hair on the face. There are millions of women struggling to hack the facial hair problem with the new ingenious developments in this field. However the latest technologies like electrolysis and laser hair removal are quite an expensive affair and our good old threading and waxing methods are still the best.

For removing hair from the face, threading still takes lead over waxing because of its efficiency in removing even the tiniest and the finest of facial hair. While threading finds a dominant usage in shaping of eye brows, it is also quite usable for the upper lip and chin areas. Doing threading on your own is quite impossible, and even if you succeed the results will not be quite appealing, for your struggling effort could result in rashes on the skin. In case you do not have a thick hair growth on your face, with just a few thick hairs to be found here and there then you can resort to plucking the hair on your own. But avoid plucking the finer hair or else it will go back thicker. If there are pimples on some part of your facial skin, avoid threading and think about bleaching to prevent the area from getting scarred.

Waxing may not be quite feasible for the entire face, and is more suited to areas like sideburns, cheeks and forehead. Waxing should not be used for areas with fine hair, since the hair tends to grow back thicker due to the sudden jerk experienced during waxing. Waxing at times may not be suitable because the tiny growth may not be long enough to stick to the wax; in such cases threading is the only other option.

For all facial areas where threading and waxing pose a problem, bleaching the hair to match the skin color will make the hair growth somewhat invisible.

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Sidharth Thakur

  • shelly

    hello,,,,,,,,,i m live n narela in delhi, i have a lot of unwanted hairs on my all over face. i want to remove these hairs,please tell me the center for removing these hairs nearby the narela as well as total cost