Facial Fitness Exercises

They say, the face shows what the mind thinks. It does that surely, and much more. It shows the earliest signs of aging, and trauma. No doubt most of the people spend so much money to maintain the tautness and glow of the facial skin.

But hang on; there is a much more inexpensive way to do that. The idea is to exercise the muscles of your face just as you do a complete body workout. In case facial exercise, by exercising the muscles of the face regularly, the muscles are toned enough to remove the aging sags and the glow of the skin will be restored to eliminate the wrinkles. The blood circulation will also increase due to the exercise, enabling the facial tissues to restore themselves more easily.

Here are a few sample exercises for different areas of the face.


This will smoothen up the forehead wrinkles. Place the fingers just above your eyebrow. Then, pull down the skin with your fingers. Simultaneously, try raising your eyebrows. Repeat this exercise ten times.


To heal the crows’ feet near the corners of your eyes, place the thumbs to the corners of your eyes and then close the eyes tightly. And pull the skin towards your forehead with the thumbs. Repeat this exercise ten times.


Make an O with your lips and then push the lips forward as quickly as you can. Then release the circle and smile. Push the lips as wide as you can. Repeat this exercise ten times.


Press your lips outward in a sulking expression as much as you can. Relax, and then smile. Or you can go back to your childhood and suck on your thumb, as hard as you can. Once again, repeat this exercise ten