Facial Chemical Peels Treatment For Skin

Facial Chemical Peels Treatment For Skin

Facial Chemical Peels Treatment For Skin Time has changed tremendously. No doubt beautifying your skin is as important as drinking water daily. With advancements in technologies lots of treatments and procedures has came up in the market to make your skin look stunning.

Chemical peels and their Importance:

Due to the environment and climatic conditions people skin are becoming more prone to acne, wrinkles, dark spots and many more. People are getting more conscious about their skin. To keep the skin glowing, people are opting for the treatments like Chemical Peeling.

What is chemical peeling ?

‘Chemical Peeling’ as the name itself indicates is a procedure where different types of chemicals are used for getting optimal results. In chemical peeling a solution is applied on the skin and is allowed to penetrate in the skin. The discredited parts of the skin are destroyed in this procedure which helps to get the new skin on the peeled area. The acids are applied on the face depending upon the amount of area to be peeled. The area is left to cool for some time and then cleaned off by the cotton. It usually takes 14 to 15 days for the procedure of chemical peeling.

Different Types of peeling and the procedures for doing it

There are 3 basic types of peeling namely superficial peel, medium peel and deep peel. Do you know what kind of peeling is required and on what type of skin? The kind of peeling differs on the basis of the chemical penetration, chemical solution. The few common factors that affect the depth of the peeling are the acid concentration of the peeling, number of coats that are applied, and the time which is used till the acid gets neutralized. More the peeling is deeper the more better are the effects but along with it, their side effects are also painful and have a higher risk.

Step by step procedure for the 3 different peelings:

First is the Superficial Peeling, which is the base of peeling which can be used on mainly all types of skin. Mild diluted acid or the glycolic acid is used in this. This type of peeling is mainly used to remove acne or scars from the face .Fine wrinkles are also removed with the application of this peeling.

Before going for superficial peeling the face of the patient is cleaned properly, and then the diluted Chemical or glycolic acid is applied on the face. It is then left for some time to cool depending upon how much peeling has to be done. While at the time of application of the chemical you might feel burning sensation but, that can be cooled by the air pressure of the fan. After this the chemical is peeled and process of superficial peeling gets over. The patient can easily start up normal activities. Very less amount of redness appears on the face and that too differ from patient to patient.

Second is the medium peeling, in which the skin is more deeply penetrated as compared to the superficial peeling and hence causing the second degree burn. The basic and main chemical used in the medium peel is trichloroacetic acid which is then followed by other acids on the face. The procedure for the medium peeling is more or less same except for the chemicals used in it.

The chemicals applied during the medium peeling are much stronger resulting in lot of pain and burning sensation. As the chemicals used in medium peeling are kept for longer duration so a pain reliever is given; to  give patient relief from the burning sensation cool compression is applied on the skin. Although all these burning and pain is relived once the chemical is peeled from the skin. Approximately 40 minutes are required in total while performing the procedure.

Third is the deep peeling which goes deep into the several layers of skin. It is a difficult procedure and it is not done very commonly. This procedure is mainly done on dark color skin as the area to be peeled is bleached with the phenol acid which penetrates deeply in the skin. A pain reliever or a sedative is given during the process as lot of pain is caused while doing the procedure. The sedative used is more or less similar to the local anaesthesia.

The acid used in this process is like a toxic which is made to absorb in the body for doing the peeling. The patients are put on monitors and heart instruments to keep the proper check of the organs. A gap of say 15-20 minutes is usually given between the one areas of the skin before starting the second area which has to be peeled. Lots of patience is required during the process.

It is a very time consuming process as nearly 2 hours are required in the whole peeling and, is usually advised once to the patient. After the chemical is peeled the ointment for next 24 hours or a tape for may be 2 days is advisable by the doctors depending upon the condition of the person. The recovery in the deep peeling requires around a month. Doctors do not advise the patients to expose their skin as the redness and swelling on the area of peeling remains till the new skin comes. It is advisable to use lot of moisturizers and washing of the face after any kind of peeling is done. To have the better results it is good to apply the sunscreen whenever you go out in sun.

Do’s and Don’ts before the peeling

Going for the peeling of your skin is not easy. It all depends on your skin type. What kind of skins you have? Where you want the peeling? What will be the results of peeling? How much risk is involved in it? These are the basic questions which usually comes in mind before going for peeling.

With the help of a small spot test all the above answers are given:

About two to three weeks prior to the date of your peeling you are advised by the dermatitis to clean up your face twice daily, apply some moisturizer or any lotion, and the most important to put sunscreen before exposing your skin under the sun. A typically used medicine for the acne kindly known by the name tretinoin is advisable to use so, that the healing of skin gets easier.

With the help of these skin regime the results of chemical peeling is better without leaving any chance for infection and other problems. As discussed above, in case of medium peeling a small course of medicine is given to prevent from the infection and that likely too if you get cold sores and peeling has to be done near the mouth or eyes area.

Ruchi Thukral