Face massage: DIY.

Face massage is good, and we all know of the copious benefits of faces massage. If you are loaded, then it’s easy, you can just walk into an expensive parlor and enjoy a facial massage. However, why spend all the money when you can do it all yourself at home.

The basic things you would require are a face cream and some water. Well that’s all you need and the rest is the technique which isn’t tough either. If you think you will mess up your hair with the cream, put on a forehead band to keep your hair away from your face. You can either use an apron or the towel to prevent your dress from getting dirty.

Cleanse your face and neck skin either using a face wash or a cleansing lotion. Sit on a comfortable chair, which does not restrict your arm movements and has a slightly tilted back. Be generous and apply a good amount of your cream a on your face as well as the neck. Start massaging the cream gently into your skin using your fingers. The ideal method is to make small circular moves using your three main fingers. At intervals wet your fingers and your hands with water, this will facilitate easy and smooth movements.

The best place to begin with is your neck; tilt your head slightly backwards and with your fingers make upward strokes on your neck region, using both hands alternatively. Next proceed to the area right under your chin and the jaw line. Your strokes need to be a bit firm for this region. Begin from the center of the chin and run your fingers below your jawbone up to your ear lobes. Once you’re done running along the jaw line, make small upward strokes for the entire area extending from the base of the neck to under the chin.

Don’t forget to apply more cream and water, as and when the skin starts to dry up making it difficult for you to keep your hand moments smooth. Use your index fingers of both the hands to make semi circles around your lips. For your cheeks first begin with circular motions, and then make upward strokes right from your jaw line up to your eye region.

On your temples again make some circular moves, and make circles along your eye brows and the lower eyelid using your middle finger and the index finger only. For the forehead use upward strokes once again and well that completes your face massage.

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Sidharth Thakur