Face Care Routine


Beauty regimen of every woman should follow the three steps: cleansing, toning and moisturizing. Cleansing lets your skin breathe by removing old make-up and the dirt that have formed layers on your skin throughout the day.

Begin your cleansing routine by removing mascara. You can dip a cotton bud in an eye-cleansing lotion and use it to remove your mascara. Remember to tie you hair so that it doesn’t fall on the face and make the job difficult. Next, moisten a cotton wool with eye-cleansing lotion and wipe off your eye shadow gently. After that, pour a generous amount of face cleansing cream into one of your palms and apply it on the forehead, nose, cheeks and chin with light, quick strokes of the other hands’ two fingers. Start massaging the cream under the throat and use gentle upward strokes.

Use your fingertips while massaging the cream on your forehead. Use minimal pressure while massaging the areas around the eyes and move to the nose from there. Use your index finger to massage the face cream over your chin. Usually, blackheads appear in this region of your face.

Use tissue pads to remove the excess cream. Begin from the area under the chin; move over to the cheeks and finally end on the forehead.


After cleansing, use toners to remove any traces of make-up, dirt or cleanser that still remain. Use a cotton wool to apply toner to the cheeks and forehead after you have finished your cleansing routine. Next, apply some toner to your chin, nose and the surrounding areas.


The weather has a drying effect on your skin. Unless you moisturize the skin, it will become dry, dull and wrinkles may appear. So, the last step of your skin care routine should include moisturizer, which covers the skin forming a thin protective layer, thereby locking-in and enhancing the level of natural moisture.

Use your finger tips to dab the moisturizing cream on your face evenly. Next, use the fingers of both hands to massage the cream from the centre of your forehead to the outward direction. Use gentle strokes around the sensitive area of your eyes.

While massaging the cream around the chin, jaw line and mouth, use your middle fingers. Use upward strokes, with each hand having its turn, while massaging the moisturizer over your throat. Remember to move your hands from the collar-bone till the chin while doing this.

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