Eyeshadow Tips and Tricks

The right way to get the best out of your eyes is always to know the right way to get around the colors and the right amount to apply.

If you happen to be an expert in color theory and know which color compliments what, this would be a cake walk for you. But if you happen to be a beginner, here are some tricks that might be handy for you.

Blending – The trick for blending is the same way you blend colors of different shades while drawing. Always remember to keep the lightest shade as your base color. Then choose a darker color and start blending from the area beneath the eyebrows.

Then slowly increase the concentration of the color until you reach the desired shade for your eyelids. The amount of color and the pressure you apply also decides the shade of the color you get.

How to fix the flaws To make close set eyes look wider apart, you have to emphasize more on the outer corners than the inner ones and vice versa to make wider eyes look closer. Go for lighter shades if you want your eyes to look bigger and wider and dark colors if you want your eyes to look visibly smaller.

Getting the right color – This again depends on what occasion you are wearing the eye shadow for. If you don’t want the eyeshadow to stand out, you can wear a color that’s close to your eye color. Go for dark colors only if you want your eye color to stand out.

Shading on your brow bone – Always remember not to apply dark colors around your brow bones, unless you are preparing to walk the ramp. Something that bold is definitely a no-no for casual wear. Always remember to keep the dark shades around your eye lids and lighter shades around the area closer to your eyebrows.

Preventing eyeshadow from fading – Powder eyeshadow usually lasts longer, but in case you are using a cream eyeshadow, apply a layer of face powder above the cream to make it last longer.Use primers before applying any eyeshadow to provide them with a solid base to make the color last longer.

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