Eyeliner Tips For Every Woman

best eyeliner If you know how to apply eyeliner properly, you can easily work wonders for not just your eyes but your overall facial look.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to use the pencil eyeliner or liquid eyeliner, because what matters most is how neatly and how well are you able to use it to enhance the beauty of your eyes.

Here are some tips on how to get the best results with eyeliner.

1. At the time of application, gently pull the corner of your eye to stretch the eyelids. This will help you in drawing straight and smooth lines along the eyelashes.

2. Even though eyeliner as are easily available in a wide variety of shades, black and brown are still the most preferred eyeliner shades.

3. Hold the pencil at an angle, with the tip pointing towards the inner corner of the eye, as this allows for a better view in the mirror besides keeping your hand steady.

4. Dust some lose face powder or sheer on the eyelids to work up a smoother base for the eyeliner application. Also, this little trick will help in holding the eyeliner in place for a longer duration and in preventing the eyeliner from smudging.

5. If you’re planning to curl your eyelashes, do that before applying the eyeliner or else the whole affair will turn a bit messy.

6. For an effortless way to add extra charm to your eyes you can rim your eyes with a white eye pencil, as this trick helps in making the white portion of the eye seem virtually bigger. Even a beige pencil would work equally well.

7. Avoid making the tip of the eyeliner pencil too sharp, not just because it can cause damage to your eyes but also because with a softer tip the color flows easily, which allows you to create even and smooth lines.

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Sidharth Thakur