Eyebrow Tinting – For Beautifully Dark Eyebrows

Well defined eyebrows can frame your beautiful eyes and add character to your face. Well shaped dark eyebrows can also add depth to the features. People undergo eyebrow tinting to make their eyebrows look perfect.

A non surgical procedure, eyebrow tinting can be done by a trained beautician in any beauty salon. A pair of pale eyebrows can diminish the beauty of your eyes. Women undergo the eyebrow tinting procedure to darken their brows and make them look flawless. Women want to keep their eyebrows in perfect shape and color as even the slightest change in their brows is spotted immediately.

It is not only people with pale brows who go in for this cosmetic procedure; even women with very thin brows go in for eyebrow tinting. Eyebrow tinting is a semi permanent makeup procedure. This cosmetic procedure normally last for about six to eight weeks after which the whole procedure has to be repeated.

While tinting your brows, choose a color which will not only complement your skin and hair tone, but one which will also suit your unique personality as well. If you are planning to get your brows tinted for the very first time, it is best that you get them colored in a beauty salon. Subsequently you can color your eyebrows at home. You can get eyebrow tinting kits in the cosmetic section of most departmental stores.

If you are planning to get your brows tinted at home, purchase a good quality eyebrow tinting kit. Besides the kit; keep water, soap, a thick towel, witch hazel oil, cotton wool, wooden applicators and cleaning pads handy.

You can start the dyeing procedure by removing all traces of makeup from your face with a good cleansing lotion.  Next wash your face with a mild soap and warm water and pat dry with a thick towel. Smear a small quantity of witch hazel oil on the eyebrows. Ten minutes later remove the oil with a clean cloth.

Apply petroleum jelly about the eyebrows and not on it. Take a small quantity of the tint on a mixing dish and apply it on the brows using a spatula. Allow the tint to remain on brows for two minutes and then remove it with moistened cotton swabs. Apply witch hazel on brows and flush your eyes with a saline solution.

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