Eyebrow Threading – Tips for Great Brows

Although we do not pay a lot of attention to our eyebrows or more certainly less that what we pay to our eyes and hair yet eyebrow are important. They play a great part in shaping our face and also defining the eyes. Well maintained brows look good.

Some people with scanty eyebrow has no way but to shape them properly by eyebrow threading and tweezing and then defining the line of the brow. Threading is an easier process than tweezing and it takes lesser time to thread the eyebrow if you are being worked upon by a professional.

There are many salons that will thread the eyebrow in not more than 5 minutes. They do a wonderful job of it and you can hardly find a flaw. So the first step to defining a brow is through threading. You can then try out tweezing on your own. The shape of the brow has to be defined first.

Threading is actually done by holding one side of the thread with the teeth and the thread is tweezed around the hair on your brow and held by the hand. You have to pull at the thread between the teeth and the hair is released from the root. You have to first check whether the hair to be taken out is really redundant or not. They you can tweeze the hairs that are two small and cannot be threaded.

If you find out a good hair salon then you can get the threading as well as the tweezing done to the brows and the upper lips. Most of the salons would do a good job with $8 and $2 for a tip. Threading will not hurt as much as waxing. The threading salons are found in the big cities and people who are beauty conscious would rather get the brows threaded than get it waxed.

Threading is a technique of the Middle East which is now much in vogue in the United States. Threading is now burgeoning in the parlours of the cities like mushrooms. You can try and have it done for a few times by professional people who can do the threading job exceptionally well. You can then try pulling out the extra hairs and maintain your brow line at home with the help of tweezers.

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