Eyebrow Piercing

eyebrow-piercing Remember the 20th century punk style that actually created a craze throughout the world and all the hot gals with their eyebrow pierced.

This style now also has entered the mainstream fashion and teenage boys and gals are lining up to get their brows done.

However remember one thing just as it’s fashion quotient it’s risk quotient are also pretty high. Those who are too eager to get their brows pierced then go thorough the list of the dos and the donots  to have a proper stylish piercing without the resultant side effects.

Go for the Professional: Choosing the perfect piercer is like job half done. It is very important too. You would not like to get pierced in the delicate eye region by some unprofessional quacks. Check that he is experienced and also does a lot of piercing.

Also check about the hygiene related issues like clean gloves, sterilized equipments etc. Also check the quality of the jewelry to avoid further complication and skin infection.

Hair Problem: While going to the parlour do not forget to carry your own bandana or hair clip to keep the hair away from falling on your face. Hair may cause infection if it interferes while working.

Eyes Shut: It is always better to close your eyes when the work is being done. If you try to look what is happening upside then you may unnecessary tense the nerves and that in turn may affect the whole facial nervous system.

After care: take the advise of the piercer about after care very seriously. Generally the piercing takes about two to six  weeks to heal and at this time the skin remains very prone to infection. So take proper measure.

For the jewelry opt for the barbell shaped studs or the rings.